Open Restrooms Movement

Our goal:

Make more restrooms available to patients with urgent bathroom needs (whatever the cause).

The current challenge:

There are not enough public restrooms in America, and those businesses with restrooms that are potentially available to the public often are hard to find and/or discourage non-customer access. Even where legislation has been passed to require businesses to open access to the public, we have found that awareness of the law is very low, and compliance is still a problem for incontinence patients. 

We believe:

Patients—and others in need of a restroom while away from home—will be best served by building awareness of their need. Through this Open Restrooms Movement, we want to encourage businesses and municipalities to address the problem simply because restroom access is a human need, which can only be addressed by human kindness—not legislation.


The undersigned healthcare organizations are calling on the better nature of municipalities and business owners to do the right thing and permit public access to their restrooms. Because when someone asks to use their restroom, they may in fact be in urgent need, and saying no can lead to unnecessary stress and potentially humiliating accidents.

Join the Movement!

  • Companies and municipalities: Click here to sign up—we'd love to have you on our amazing team of supporters
  • Individuals: Click here to request specific businesses to join us, share your own restroom access story, or sign our petition to support the cause
  • Download: We Can't Wait, our new restroom app designed to help you find publicly accessible restrooms while away from home—and to add new ones, from wherever you may be!

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