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Patients with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis (collectively known as inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD) can have unexpected and urgent needs to find a restroom at a moment’s notice. For years, the Foundation has provided our members with a physical “I Can’t Wait” card to help explain to businesses why they are urgently requesting access to a private restroom.


Now, the “We Can’t Wait” app offers patients – and all app users – a simple way to locate publicly accessible restrooms and helps identify sympathetic establishments.


The Foundation has worked with volunteers in many states over the years to introduce legislation that will require public access to employee-only restrooms for those with a medical need. Now, this app will address the access challenge by increasing awareness among local establishments about patient needs.

Download the app here:


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This app also links back to the Foundation’s core education and resources for those looking for IBD support and information, as well as easy access to information on the status of restroom access legislation in each state.

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How do we collect our restrooms? 

Unlike most toilet-finder apps, we go beyond crowdsourcing, and have two primary methods for collecting restrooms for this app. This includes:


Businesses/establishments that have contributed restrooms to the app and are therefore aware of and sympathetic to the needs of patients, and:


Crowd sourced restrooms that have been contributed anonymously. (We welcome all users to contribute to the app.)


By proactively partnering with businesses and other locations with potentially publicly available restrooms, we hope to help patients and others in need feel welcomed when they urgently need a restroom away from home. We are committed to improving access to restrooms through the app, and raising awareness of restroom access in our society.






Thank you to our sponsors for their support of this important project

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Thank you to our partners for sharing their restrooms with us and leading the way


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