IBD Interactive Cases

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Instructions: To begin, please enter into “Presentation mode” (slide show --> from beginning) to enable full interactivity of case and questions. When you see words or phrases that are underlined, click on the underlined word and this will take you to the next screen. To continue the presentation make sure you click back in the bottom left corner. 


  1. CME - Anemia in IBD - New! 

  2. Uncomplicated Pregnancy in IBD_Jan '20

  3. Salvage therapy with cyclosporine bridge

  4. Ostomy

  5. Identifying Hematochezia

  6. Extensive ulcerative colitis with worsening clinical symptoms


  1. Enteral Nutrition Treatment in Pediatric IBD

  2. Oral Aphthous Ulcers in a Pediatric Patient

  3. Pediatric Diagnosis of IBD