IBD Interactive Cases

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IBD Interactive Cases provide you with real-word adult or pediatric cases on a given topic using an interactive PowerPoint format. They are developed and peer reviewed by our Nurse & Advanced Practice Provider Committee. Click on each link to view and download an interactive case.

Adult IBD cases

  1. CME - Anemia in IBD - New! 

  2. Uncomplicated Pregnancy in IBD_Jan '20

  3. Salvage therapy with cyclosporine bridge

  4. Ostomy

  5. Identifying Hematochezia

  6. Extensive ulcerative colitis with worsening clinical symptoms

Pediatric IBD cases

  1. Enteral Nutrition Treatment in Pediatric IBD

  2. Oral Aphthous Ulcers in a Pediatric Patient

  3. Pediatric Diagnosis of IBD

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