Tips for School


Whether it is middle school, high school or college, you spend a lot of time in these places.  Because IBD is unpredictable, you will need to be prepared.  There may be times when you need to use the bathroom frequently and without warning.  There may also be times when you are tired or need to miss school.  Here are some tips that you may find helpful:

  • Carry an emergency kit (toilet paper, wet wipes, powder, hand sanitizer, small can of air freshener, disposable gloves to handle soiled clothes, freezer bags for soiled clothes, clean underwear, clean shorts/pants/leggings).
  • Let your teachers and your school nurse know about your IBD and how its symptoms can affect your daily life.  Ask your teachers and school nurse to download A Guide for Teachers and Other School Personnel.  It has information specifically to help them understand IBD, its effect on you, and what they can do to help.
  • Ask to sit closest to the exit in the classroom.
  • Create a private signal between you and your teacher that lets them know you need to use the bathroom.
  • Establish a system for getting notes if you miss class or if you miss a test.
  • Request specific school accommodations by using a 504 plan