You might feel anxious or depressed. IBD patients may have more stress than others. This is common because they have to deal with problems related to their IBD.


Talking with your parents, friends, and other people with IBD can be  helpful. If you need more help, talk to your doctor or another professional, like a teacher or guidance counselor, about how you feel. They can help you to cope with your feelings and those of the people around  you. They’ve learned what works by talking to many people.


Stress is part of everyone’s life. You can’t avoid it. You need to manage it because it can make symptoms worse and even cause more stress. Of course, avoiding all stress is impossible.


Stress reduction techniques can help you to stay calm, stay focused, and break this anxiety cycle. There are many stress management methods, and no one method has been proven to be more effective than another. Try an approach that you like. If one doesn’t work, try another. Here are some techniques to try for managing stress:

  • Relaxation and breathing exercises
  • Meditation (a state of being silent and calming of the mind)
  • Reading books, listening to recordings and music
  • Practicing yoga or tai chi (low-impact and slow-moving exercise  designed to promote relaxation, balance, and health)