Frequently Asked Questions about IBD Qorus

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Why is IBD Qorus important?

The Affordable Care Act's National Healthcare Reform Initiative mandates more consistent and desirable outcomes for patients -- a goal which can only be achieved by the kind of comprehensive, systematic initiatives represented by IBD Qorus. Ultimately, the initiative will play a vital role in defining and disseminating the highest standards of care for IBD and will contribute to the development of healthcare policies and strategies impacting IBD care worldwide. The result will be greater efficiencies, improved patient outcomes, and a reduction of costs in healthcare management.

What does IBD Qorus mean?

 IBD Qorus' name is a variation of the word "chorus," to signify its goal of bringing together many voices and perspectives to form a more harmonious and stronger whole.

What are the goals of IBD Qorus?

 IBD Qorus will:

  • Develop an implementation program to deliver and measure this care
  • Conduct continuous evaluation and refinement of this process
  • Measure and improve its impact on IBD patient outcomes
  • Ultimately, define standards of care for IBD 
How will IBD Qorus benefit me?

As a patient 

IBD Qorus enables symptom tracking, self-management, and shared decision-making between patient and provider and facilitates their communication during clinic visits. The initiative's innovative model of patient/provider co-facilitation of care empowers patients to become more engaged and active in managing their disease and addressing areas of concern.

As a provider

Healthcare providers participating in IBD Qorus will track patient outcomes, receive feedback on their quality improvement efforts, and will learn from one another to improve their quality-of-care delivery. For sites using the IBD Qorus platform, each of your patient's self-reported outcomes, symptoms, and concerns are integrated into a comprehensive, patient-centered tool, or "dashboard," to help inform decision-making and promote patient-provider co-facilitation of care. This technology enables patient population management that can help providers more easily access and identify patients at risk for specific outcomes and move more quickly to provide the treatment they need.

How can a clinician become involved?

To learn more about IBD Qorus or to inquire about becoming a site, please reach out to: Ridhima Oberai, Senior Manager, IBD Qorus Clinical Operations at [email protected]

Who is currently involved in IBD Qorus?

IBD Qorus is partnering with more than 50 academic, private, and community-based practices across the United States.