For Nurses & Advanced Practice Providers

As nurses and advanced practice providers (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and clinical nurse specialists), you have very important roles in caring for patients—both adult and pediatric—with IBD. Utilize this webpage to enhance your knowledge of IBD.  


How do Nurses and APP's Care for IBD Patients?

Advanced Practice Providers:

  • Manage outpatient and inpatient IBD patients.
  • Focus on chronic patient care management and monitoring, prevention, health care maintenance and patient education with shared decision making.
  • Take patient history, perform physical exams, diagnose and treat patients, order and interpret tests, as well as prescribe medications. 
  • Order/perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures if credentialed. 
  • Improve patient access to care and are able to spend more time educating and counseling patients while improving patient satisfaction. 
  • May be involved with clinical trials and research.  


  • Coordinate care by communicating with the healthcare team and the patient to ensure that the treatment plan is carried out and triaged appropriately. 
  • Help with patient education on the disease process and treatments and motivate patients to ensure adherence to their treatment plan.
  • Administer infusion medications. 
  • May be certified in wound and ostomy care.
  • May be involved with clinical trials and research. 

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