Live Fellowship and Preceptorship

Visiting IBD Fellow Program: Clinical Observership
The National Visiting IBD Fellow Program was created to train gastroenterology fellows and achieve the following specific long-range outcomes:

  • Improve IBD care for all patients regardless of geography or economics.
  • Expand and enhance the Foundation's role in IBD training nationwide.
  • Promote a new and larger generation of highly trained clinical IBD doctors.

This program is a competitive application process. We begin accepting applications in December.

Advanced Practice Provider In-Person Preceptorship
The Foundation has developed an Advanced Practice Provider Preceptor program that offers three days of comprehensive IBD training including medical, surgical, outpatient, and inpatient experiences with IBD patients. Our goal is to provide the practitioner with the knowledge and skills needed to provide quality IBD patient care, utilizing current practice guidelines and research available.
This program is a competitive application process. Learn more today.