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There are hundreds of support groups for people with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis throughout the country. Each year, our local chapters hold more than 200 support groups, where patients and family members can connect to others living with these diseases.

Crohn’s and colitis support group meetings are often intimate gatherings where patients and their loved ones can share their stories, seek emotional support, find answers to their questions, and connect with a community who share their challenges.

In addition to these focused sessions, support groups often organize informal, social events like picnics and luncheons, community volunteer days, informational workshops, family outings, and attend gala events.

Find a support group near you by searching by state or ZIP code, or select your state on the map below to see a list of all Crohn’s and colitis support groups in your state. Not finding a group in your area? Contact your local chapter and apply to start a support group in your community.


The Foundation also offers virtual support groups on Facebook, our Community, and our peer-to-peer program, Power of Two.

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Portland, OR 97035
Northwest Chapter
(425) 451-8455, (877) 703-6900
Denver, CO 80014
Rocky Mountain Chapter
(303) 639-9163
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Nevada Chapter
(702) 680-0036
Seattle, WA 98101
Northwest Chapter
(425) 451-8455, (877) 703-6900
Phoenix, AZ 85001
(332) 999-5518
Southwest Phoenix Chapter
(602) 734-1392
520 W 183rd St #53
New York, NY 10033
Greater New York Chapter
(212) 679-1570
55 Lake Avenue North
Worcester, MA 01655
(508) 395-2278
New England Chapter
(781) 449.0324
Garden City, NY 11501
(516) 222.5530
Long Island Chapter
(516) 222.5530
Hospitality House
Wilmington, NC 28401
(910) 620-0191
Carolinas Chapter
(704) 264-0587
1990 Heath St
McElroy Board Room in Barret Forum
Waterloo, IA 50703
Nebraska/Iowa Chapter
(402) 505.9901, (888) 422.3266