Camp Mental Health Specialist

Volunteer Position Available: Camp Mental Health Specialist

In addition to the qualifications we seek in all volunteers, as outlined on the Volunteer & Support Camp Oasis page, the Camp Mental Health Specialist role has its own set of parameters:

General Responsibility
Provide social and psychological support to campers and to train staff in accordance with the camp mission, guiding principles and medical manual.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Assist with staff orientation, providing insight on various scenarios that typically arise at camp and how to handle them
  • Provide on-going support to campers and staff regarding behavioral/emotional issues
  • Assist with decisions on emotional/behavioral issues related to campers and staff
  • Assist in evaluating the entire camp operation with suggestions for the following season
  • As needed, speak with campers' parents
  • Perform other duties as designated by the Medical Director & Camp Director

Essential Functions

  • Ability to assist in staff training
  • Ability to observe staff and camper behavior
  • Ability to respond to situations that arise with campers (e.g. mental health issues, social conflicts, noncompliance, homesickness, anxiety regarding medical exams at camp)
  • Ability to work directly with campers
  • Ability to guide staff through the best way for staff to intervene/respond

Specific Qualifications

  • A valid license to practice psychiatry, psychology, or social work, or certification to work as a child life specialist, in the state in which camp is located
  • Experience with pediatric patients
  • Desire and ability to work with children and adults with IBD in a camp setting
  • Preferred: Experience with pediatric GI patient