Camp Oasis FAQ

What are the dates of Camp Oasis?
Sessions run throughout the summer. Visit find a camp to learn more.

Where is Camp Oasis located?
There are a total of 11 Camp Oasis locations throughout the country. Please visit find a camp to find the one closest to you.

How is camper eligibility determined?
Any child with medically stable Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis is invited to apply. Age requirements, capacity, session dates, and application deadlines vary by site. See find a camp for more information.

What is the LIT Program?
The Leaders in Training (LIT) Program is a special leadership development program for camp's oldest teenagers. It runs for the duration of each session, and combines the fun of camp with additional age-appropriate responsibilities and leadership building activities. On a typical day, LITs might attend a leadership meeting, assist with a special activity, help entertain a group of younger campers, and participate in several camp activities alongside their fellow campers. The age range for the LIT Program varies by site, so please visit find a camp for more information.

Is there on-site medical care?
Each camp is equipped with a 24-hour on-site health center, staffed by physicians, nurses, and mental health professionals experienced in working with IBD patients. Careful steps are taken to ensure that campers follow the medical regimen prescribed by their doctors back home.

How does Camp Oasis select its staff?
Many of the staff at the Camp Oasis sites are adult volunteers with IBD, who have experience working with kids & teens. Many have worked at Camp Oasis before, and some have even been campers. All are carefully screened and trained to ensure a safe and comfortable setting.

What do campers/LITs do all day?
The typical camp day starts around 8:30AM and ends at approximately 9:30PM, though bedtimes vary by age. The daily schedule usually includes several activity periods (swimming, arts and crafts, team sports, etc.) and an Evening Activity (campfire, Talent Show, Scavenger Hunt, etc.), as well as three meals, a snack, a rest hour, and time for showering and cabin clean-up. 

How does the camper application process work?
First, complete the online application for your chosen location via the find a camp page. If you completed an online application in the past, you must still complete an application each year you wish to attend. 

Once you have submitted the online portion of the application, you will receive a confirmation email containing additional hard copy forms which must be downloaded, completed by the designated parties, and then submitted to the Foundation's National Camp Office.

Applications must be received by the specified deadline, and are only considered complete once all of the required hard copy forms have been received. 

Each complete application will be reviewed by a designated medical professional to confirm the camp is equipped to care for the child. Applicants for the LIT program will undergo an additional review, related to their separate 1-page LIT Application and phone interview, to determine whether the child has the qualities necessary for this more specialized program.

Parents will be notified by email as soon as the review process is complete, and will be provided additional camp information as applicable.

For a visual explanation of the camper/LIT application process please view the Camper/LIT Application Process Flowchart

Is there a fee to attend camp?
Yes, there is an attendance fee. Scholarships are available to those who qualify. To apply for a scholarship, simply fill out the scholarship form located within the application. Additional information regarding the attendance fee and scholarship program can be found here: Camp Oasis Attendance Fee, Scholarship, & Travel Stipend FAQ

Is transportation provided?
Some of our sites offer transportation to/from camp. Contact the Associate Director of Camp Oasis, Lori Butterfield, at (646) 477 - 4765 / [email protected] to see what arrangements might be available in your area.

How do I donate?
If you would like to make a donation to Camp Oasis you can do so online or over the phone: (646) 943 - 7480.

How can I stay in touch with my camp friends in the off-season?
A great way to keep in contact and get together with your Camp Oasis friends is by creating a Take Steps Camp Oasis Team. Invite your family, friends and fellow campers to join your team and join with others across the US as we raise money for a cure.  Visit and choose the Camp Oasis National Team.

Can I apply as a camper or volunteer if I don't live in the United States?
We welcome everyone who wishes to attend or volunteer at camp to apply. You can apply to any of our camps, but please be aware that precedence will be given to campers and volunteers who reside in the camp's region. After you have applied please contact the Camp Oasis Leadership Team to make them aware of your situation. 

I have additional questions about camp. Who should I contact?
Please contact the Sr. Manager of Camp & Community Engagement, Daniel Marinoni, at (646) 943 - 7480 / [email protected]