Michael J. Rosen, MD, MSCI

Chairman of PRO-KIIDS

Medical Director, Schubert-Martin Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center
Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, & Nutrition

Stacy Kahn, MD

Co-Chairman of PRO-KIIDS

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Boston Children's Hospital
Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, & Nutrition


Director, Quality of Care and Clinical Research Programs, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation

S. Alandra Weaver, MPH

National Headquarters
733 Third Avenue, Suite 510
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 646.943.7454
Email: [email protected]


Chair nominations are submitted by members of the network; each network site is eligible to cast one vote. Chairs are elected by simple majority and serve for a three year term, unless otherwise stated by the Foundation.

Chair responsibilities include the following:

  • Oversight for the operations and quality of the scientific activities conducted at sites
  • Responsible for efficient operations of the network and representing the PROKIIDS in its business with the Foundation’s NSAC
  • Organize and facilitate the network meetings
  • Receive, monitor and supervise dispersal of all externally received funds and advise on the utilization of these funds
  • Annually, field a request for proposals (RFPs) for clinical pilot projects, and oversee the voting, review, and selection process
  • Assist in the start-up process for newly funded pilot studies and troubleshoot issues that arise regarding the pilot studies
  • Monitor membership